BC’s Orca

An orca spyhopping during the sunset in waters off BC's coast.

BC’s marine ecosystem is home to hundreds of orcas-creatures so intelligent, social, and visually stunning that they have inspired legends among First Nations and fear in early settlers, and now attracted legions of fans.

DFO at a Crossroads: The Future of Fish Farms in BC

A single juvenile salmon covered in salmon lice

As the end of June draws closer, marking the expiration of the remaining 66 fish farm licences across BC, communities, advocates for wild fish recovery, and the aquaculture industry are all waiting with bated breath to see what the BC government will do.

BC Spring Migration: Humpback Whale and New Calf Returns to Salish Sea

The Salish Sea is officially home to a new humpback calf as the first humpbacks migrate back here from their warm-water birthing grounds. Every Spring, BC residents can expect to see these gentle giants and their new calves as they seek out cooler temperatures. The humpback mother, named “Black Pearl,” was spotted in Haro Strait […]