BC’s Squid

Among the BC coast’s varied marine species, squid play a fascinating and vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of our coast.

Spotted Ratfish

Close up of a spotted ratfish showing its glowing brown eye

The spotted ratfish may be an elusive creature, but its importance in the marine ecosystem cannot be underestimated.

Basket Stars

a basket star in dark water

Basket stars are not just a marvel of marine biology, but also a testament to the incredible diversity of life beneath the waves.

Hooded Nudibranchs

The hooded nudibranch, or Melibe leonina, is an enchanting creature that calls BC’s waters home and plays a critical role in maintaining biodiversity.

Humpback Whales

The benefits of the Great Bear Sea MPA Network are virtually endless, from protecting coastal habitats to supporting healthy ecosytems resulting in an increase in fish size, abundance, and biomass.

The Rockfish of the Great Bear Sea

Copper Rockfish of The Great Bear Coast

Did you know that rockfish can live to be 200 years old and that 37 different species of rockfish live in British Columbia’s coastal waters?